The three phase of the north and South Mountain green green acres of the project 42 thousand and 800

green, a large scale flows from the north and south of the Xining mountain county three two! With the north and south mountain three green project start and comprehensive construction, Huangzhong County town of dopa yanergou Nanshan, Huangyuan Chengguan Town, Datong County Dongshan Dong Jia Zhuang Cun Dong Xia Xiang Nan Tan cun…… One every once low forest cover areas have been or are covered with green, the reporter learned from the Municipal Forestry Bureau, the first half of this year, the city has completed three north-south mountain afforestation task 42 thousand and 800 acres, for the objectives and tasks of this year 95.5%.
20 years of efforts to persevere, let us in the north and south of the Xining mountains created a miracle, the former barren hills were covered with green, soil erosion has been curbed, doubling the number of wild animal, people live in harmony with the natural plateau city, Xining to promote the coordinated development of social economy, played a significant ecological, economic and social benefit. After the one or two phase of the project in April this year, the three north-south mountain greening project officially started, plans to implement three north-south mountain afforestation task 44 thousand and 800 acres this year, the artificial irrigation afforestation 31 thousand and 400 acres, fenced 13 thousand and 400 acres, a total investment of 200 million. At present, the county has completed irrigation afforestation task 31 thousand and 100 acres, 11 thousand and 700 acres of afforestation, as the target of 95.5%, a total of more than 348 trees planted all kinds of trees, built a simple mountain road 51.4 kilometers, laying temporary water pipe network 7.6 kilometers, completed an investment of 105 million yuan. Three green project
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Some attention to the beauty salon decoration

beauty salon is indeed a very broad business space, however, due to fierce market competition, therefore, if any aspect of the work is not done, are likely to affect the future development. Therefore, naturally require operators to focus on any small details of the operation of beauty salons. Among them, the beauty salon decoration is a very important aspect, once despised, it may have a very negative impact on the future of business.

beauty salon decoration, site selection for beauty salons in the end how much? Many bosses have considered their own beauty salon business is bad, because the site is not good enough to decorate and cause. Although this is not a beauty salon business is the main factors for good, but now the beauty salon boss talked about this problem, then let Xiaobian for everyone to share the beauty salon decoration and the location of some matters needing attention. read more

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Tea shop investment costs

a lot of entrepreneurs in the choice to open a tea shop will have a psychological journey: I was to open a tea shop? Or join a tea brand? In order to help you solve this problem, the following will introduce the details of how to open the tea shop is the cost of the problem.

to open a tea shop in the general pre total investment of more than forty thousand yuan (including rent decoration equipment and tools for raw materials) in accordance with the size of the shop, shop lot, operating products vary. Like the opening of the brand milk tea shop, then, with the removal of the pre rent and renovation costs, with a total investment of around 2.5W. If it is their own shop, then the province joined the fee, but there is no relevant services, such as milk tea production training, renovation programs, raw materials channels, etc.. read more

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How to do long catering business

we live in the city, perhaps in the US would often see such a phenomenon, shortly before the opening of the restaurant put up a pageantry or baozi Inn these days, has been closed, the shop locked. In the face of the huge market prospects of the catering industry, a large number of investors to join the competition at the same time will be a strong market competition. How to do a long time catering business this is a question worth pondering.

restaurant how long can operate

open a restaurant to understand the location of their restaurant. The restaurant has a high-end restaurant, mid-range restaurant, general restaurant. Consumers also have different types, according to the surrounding high restaurant consumers, positioning reasonable choice of restaurant, the one Noodles with Soy Bean Paste is a popular restaurant products and the surrounding businesses almost, the positioning of the product does not have what problem. read more

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Using the Internet to reinvent inefficient cars after the market

The booming development of

auto industry has brought many business opportunities to many investors, which makes many people find the magic weapon to get rich. The story tells the story of the car market.

input frame number, vehicle owners in the car ants, website background can quickly match the maintenance plan. Similar vehicle owners to replace what oil, how many people in Shell, Castrol or Kunlun, this information can facilitate owners to make decisions. Line maintenance shop will also respond in real time, according to the degree of service ants matching the location, location, comprehensive score and other more than and 30 criteria for these shops ranking.

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The beauty of the sun a pizza beauty to your delicacy

we all know tofu that said, this is one way we Chinese praise beauty, so if a praise food for beauty, you are not very curious, what is unique to this food. Xiaobian take you to take a look at the beauty of delicacy.

beauty is different from traditional pizza pizza in the market, the old wood burning oven baked, and has improved and become the unique characteristics of Chinese delicacy. Headquarters has experienced 2 years of market research, so that the exclusive process has the right to speak! The beauty of sun in addition to focus on more pizza, steak, pasta, including soup, salad, dessert, snacks and so on 27 big delicacy series, rich in more than a single product, with the exclusive secret sauce, let consumers enjoy the delicious taste and better health! read more

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What fruit store profit

Often we need to eat fruit

, eat more fruit is good for our health, can add more vitamins, fruit as the necessities of life, but also has a broad consumer market, the fruit shop to join the business, is also very good. But many people have not done a similar business before, do not know what to do, it is not clear whether they can make money. Fruit store for profit how to join this problem, the following to introduce.

open a brand fruit store, its investment costs and profits is how? The investment cost of the brand fruit store: read more

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Make a bowl of cold noodle

summer with, are everywhere on the street hawkers selling snacks, which is loved by people in the summer of fifteen cold noodle, cold noodle can still do not underestimate, bring huge returns for entrepreneurs, the following have a sister is relying on selling cold noodle sold to the national chain.

1998, 38 year old Jia Yafang has been resolutely active duty, only to do the things you want to do.

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61 come together to commemorate our lost childhood

we buried in the station, tired after only occasionally look up at the sky.

We focus on

traffic, but ignoring the side of the clock and calendar.

to the webmaster, have just started learning in college, some have been thirty years of age, some are complacent with his or her network have been weary of the dream, just want to work well.

Are non mainstream at the side of the

, a smokey-eye make-up, ion hot, playing idiotic and audition, back when I was young, climbing a tree to catch cicadas, sericulture become moth, playing marbles, beat Western painting, collecting stickers, kicking shuttlecock. The boring time under the illusion of good, gentle white female monitor, but pure thoughts almost know nothing else except in hand. read more

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Do stand for half a year of bitter bitterness

      I was from the beginning of December last year. The site was from home to work in Ji’nan, because my job is web editor, so there is a lot of time in the global network, the work will start site.

      at first just because technology for hobby, want to be a type of Technology Forum, like the dragon like, now think that really is a bit ridiculous, that single handedly can do like them very quickly. Forum Forum will build up, and really started the promotion of the silly eye. To others Forum Post said the new technology forum, welcome everyone to come to the hit version, you can just send a few minutes to find the post no, even own a ID was deleted… No… To think this is a situation. Baidu later began to Post Bar to publicity, can not think of where the moderator is more professional, just sent out, son disappeared, I said that I do not in the hair, very depressed. read more

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Only a month to subsidize the war on the tip of the super giant has just begun

images from the network

"half, into my shop to sell takeaway software faster through threshold." North Sanhuan a Yang Guofu Mala boss Mr. Zhao some helpless, let him have to takeaway software can not remember the name, although his shop only about ten square meters. This store cashier, has been filled with 4 takeaway print order terminal, can not put more than one, which is also the main reason for the boss refused to access the other 10 takeaway software.

crowded behind the cashier, the takeaway market is about to usher in a new round of war. Yesterday, Ali announced a high-profile entry takeaway, previously after Ma Alibaba number two, Cai Chongxin is also the first time to the stage, as chairman of word-of-mouth network. From the recently completed financing, Baidu takeaway high beauty group set up to store division action, between the big takeaway war escalated, fierce burn subsidies or will become the next taxi software". read more

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Dark clouds exposed 12306 vulnerabilities cattle can be stored in the 1 car tickets for the 1

dark clouds exposed 12306 vulnerabilities: cattle can be stored in the 1 car tickets


[TechWeb] July 17th news, cloud platform exposure railway ticketing site 12306 there is a security vulnerability, after the crack of yellow cattle, a person can buy tickets for the whole car.

TechWeb recently found that when the ticket, the ticket hot line for all trips a week before departure have all displayed without a ticket, but in a few hours prior to departure occur over a large number of votes, with the suspected vulnerability related. read more

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Sina micro-blog Taobao release Taobao sellers can directly manipulate micro-blog background

Sina Taobao micro-blog release: Taobao sellers can directly manipulate micro-blog


[TechWeb] reported on August 1st news, since the injection of sina micro-blog, the two sides opened a large-scale product cooperation. This morning, Sina micro-blog and Taobao products cooperation will be held a press conference in Beijing, Sina launched micro-blog Taobao version, realize Taobao exchange accounts, the seller can directly publish goods in the Sina micro-blog Taobao version, and commodity management and information monitoring through the background. read more

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XcodeGhost event follow-up Apple will download Xcode tools into the country

yesterday, senior vice president of Apple Corp Phil · Schiller (Phil Schiller) media interview last week, in response to "XCodeGhost Trojan infection event" on some unresolved problems, given the response.

XcodeGhost Trojan incident occurred last week is still fermenting, huge impact. Schiller said that this incident is caused by several common factors, Apple has a protective Gatekeeper and signature verification mechanism, but the application of Gatekeeper, and enter the copycat is closed, so that hackers can take advantage of. read more

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Grass eclogite site was attacked, 1024 communities call you up to change the password!

Lei Feng network November 5th news, network transmission 1024 well-known community was attacked last night or lead to user information leakage, including passwords, mailboxes, IP addresses are not spared.

and the user login after the community will receive a handsome high-risk vulnerabilities reminder, the contents mentioned:

grass eclogite community was attacked in 2015.11.4, resulting in member information leakage. At present, the vulnerability has been fixed, but in order to account security, it is recommended to change the password immediately. read more

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Advertising began intelligent – the results of the network chain experience

New Year’s day when the Internet at home, after killing a set of WOW (outdated) to see the Union yesterday’s income. Because Baidu to the afternoon before the data. Baidu. Ali mama. 91 after a look to see the results of the network, doing their panelpower, I heard that the effect is good, but did not try. Look at the data yesterday 5, also found that this thing is always data, today there are three, have good effect. So see if there are other ads to do.

and then found the navigation bar on the accident more than a flash chain, flash chain?. read more

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Popular online games into a Trojan group targets

this week of a virus particularly notable, it is "to steal online game variant virus. This virus belongs to the current popular Trojan group category. The virus spread through the network, the virus is running, injected into the system Explorer.exe process, to steal the game password sent to the designated website hackers, so that the interests of the majority of online games players damaged.

this is a password to steal the game virus. After the virus will run through the registry to achieve self start. When you find the game process, the note to the game process, access to the user to enter the account password and sent to the specified url. After the operation, the virus will delete itself, evade anti-virus software. read more

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