Advertising began intelligent – the results of the network chain experience

New Year’s day when the Internet at home, after killing a set of WOW (outdated) to see the Union yesterday’s income. Because Baidu to the afternoon before the data. Baidu. Ali mama. 91 after a look to see the results of the network, doing their panelpower, I heard that the effect is good, but did not try. Look at the data yesterday 5, also found that this thing is always data, today there are three, have good effect. So see if there are other ads to do.

and then found the navigation bar on the accident more than a flash chain, flash chain?. read more

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Popular online games into a Trojan group targets

this week of a virus particularly notable, it is "to steal online game variant virus. This virus belongs to the current popular Trojan group category. The virus spread through the network, the virus is running, injected into the system Explorer.exe process, to steal the game password sent to the designated website hackers, so that the interests of the majority of online games players damaged.

this is a password to steal the game virus. After the virus will run through the registry to achieve self start. When you find the game process, the note to the game process, access to the user to enter the account password and sent to the specified url. After the operation, the virus will delete itself, evade anti-virus software. read more

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Taobao shop authentication system to upgrade the need to take pictures of the record on the road to

The Seller shall be new and old photographs for the record

before June 30th

webmaster network February 23rd news, today, there are news Taobao change shop certification rules, crown level sellers cry no tears. The news at the beginning of February a "comprehensive upgrade" shop certification system appeared in Taobao news online, "said before June 30, 2012, all new shop and shop users shall complete the certification and filing." A written authentication system of the latest announcement: in the new registered shop in individual sellers, ID card information must be submitted at the same time, upload my handheld ID card photo alignment and my upper body, a total of two photos. From January 11, 2012 to June 30, 2012, will have open shop seller certification application, before all the new shop and shop users shall complete the certification and filing. read more

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Ten minutes to make your website more professional

for SOHO or small foreign trade companies want to do a good job in foreign trade website, thank you for your proposal is two words: imitation. ( soso peer website, see the ranking in front of the site is how to do, people in the front row, there is reason for it.

is an imitation of layout and overall style, the enterprise website, especially in foreign trade enterprises SOHO website, a large extent is your network spokesperson, website to give customers the impression, often represent your company’s image, so it is particularly important to air two words. Although you may be a SOHO, or a few people of small companies, the site must do like a multinational company, as many as possible to do a few language versions. Because all the customers, including ourselves, want to deal with their own is a regular, preferably a large company, so as to have more confidence to continue business. read more

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Is there a shortcut you on Google

has been in the Google localization route, in the introduction of a variety of local service life "search" and "public search" and "SMS search", today announced loudly: cut Google – Google. The simplest way of line.

I remember a while ago six room video will own the domain name from to, when many senior netizens think it that make an unnecessary move in the show, and turn to more trouble. But from a practical point of view, the new domain name six rooms in this short and easy to remember, the image quickly accepted by users, and to promote the role of better. read more

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Fan Ye Intelligence why abandon Huayi, Tang De

in the evening of March 28th, the German film and television announced that it is planning to acquire 51% of the shares of the Wuxi film and Television Culture Co., ltd.. The acquisition of this film did not disclose the amount of the acquisition, but according to this matter constitutes a major asset restructuring standards, the transaction amount is not necessarily small.

number of DreamWorks entertainment through the industrial and commercial information inquiry found that Wuxi love God film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. was founded in July 30, 2015, the registered capital of 3 million, the company as Fan Bingbing. In fact, as early as five years ago, Fan Bingbing has a stake in the Tang Dynasty, Tang’s 2015 semi annual report shows that the top ten shareholders of circulation in the list of the top shares held by the stock of $1 million 290 thousand. read more

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Fight a lot of B round of financing $110 million is not ready to fight the war

Abstract: on-line less than a year, fight a lot of single day turnover that exceeded 10 million, the number of paid subscribers exceeded 20 million. It is worth noting that the number of active users to fight a lot and the number of transactions can be compared with, which means that a lot of less than 10 months to get used to finish the old electricity supplier for the past three or four years.

investment community news, mobile social electricity supplier together announced the completion of a lot of B $110 million round of financing, investment for the new horizon Gao Rong capital, Tencent and other institutions, the Thai capital served as financial advisor to the current round of financing. read more

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Social marketing must not only rely on social media

social strategy should be reflected in all aspects of B2B marketing. In the past, the major social awareness of the company is only on Facebook and Twitter and other sites on the content. The obvious trend is that social strategy must be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. You need to learn leveraging social media to build relationships, to listen to the voice of the market, to promote your content to buyers in the case doesn’t affect them. In order to stand out in the fierce competition, you have to do is not only social media, but social marketing. read more

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To the new Adsense local website domain name registration

do local information website also has a period of time, continue to do friendship links, and the webmaster in theory and technology to do exchange. During the time to see a lot of local websites, especially for these domain records a lot. Here, and the new station to talk about the issue of local website domain name registration.

a good domain name, can give customers the most intuitive, beautiful impression. Convenient and easy to remember, catchy should remember.

for example, my hometown is located in a small city – Jilin, Meihekou. (spelling Jianpin: Meihekou, MHK, phone number: 0435 zip code: 135000) read more

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How to use video to promote the network

common network promotion methods which


blog promotion, that is, the use of blog in the form of network applications to promote a method.

forum to promote, that is, to carry out various types of promotional activities for the forum. Such as friends, private messages, space message posting inviting friends to participate in, post, post comments, plus forum etc..

micro-blog promotion, a new promotion media, is a way for users to quickly access to information, but also for businesses to use information dissemination and promotion tools. read more

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You see the SEO image

analysis of a website, a comprehensive anatomy, not just look at the surface down the conclusion, competitor analysis site must be carefully, with many aspects of analysis, thorough dialysis, so as to correctly judge a website SEO, some places are very prone to false positives, put a few easy a miscarriage of justice written for everyone to share.

just look at the number of the chain, do not look at the quality of the chain, and competitors, we can only see the chain who, didn’t pay attention to the chain who is of high quality, a high quality link, than the one hundred conventional links to the reality, you feel every day hundreds of foreign the chain has been doing very well, but others a link to the home page than you a few hundred links but also strong, more stable. Often hear people say, how many of my chain, and the competition of the chain is only a few thousand, why ranking is not as good as others, may be due to the quality of the chain caused by. read more

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E-commerce is not worth pondering

Internet era is from the era of the Great Voyage era, the Internet brought unlimited convenience and excitement, let us sit at home will be able to communicate with people, with the extension of the Internet business seems to have become a hot industry now, in light of the fresh electricity supplier behind whether we can calm analysis what is the resistance, or really like what we think all the way through


how to correctly use the mobile client

with the diversification of social media, now in the marketing, the most fiery of WeChat, why WeChat will become the most popular social networking tools! Why can reach through WeChat we want to do in the network marketing? When people are more likely to trust others? I personally think that with the popularity of smart mobile phone the promotion of customer service chat allows us to become more smooth, we don’t need to wait for the home to chat on the Internet, but always can find customers to chat, to communicate and maintain good communication, to win customer’s favor, develop long-term customers from the long-term interests. read more

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Four factors affect Chinese e-commerce format

peaceful development is the main theme of the times, in times of peace, we are most concerned about is the economic construction, but from the beginning of the second half of last year, the global financial storm swept the entire village, the economic situation is not optimistic. However, from the G20 summit to Boao forum, to explore the global economic community and let us see a glimmer of hope out of the crisis. Since the effects of the economic crisis began to occur, e-commerce has been seen as a good medicine to save the economy in the country, generally favored by the people. read more

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Electricity supplier entrepreneurs how to break the first day of Ali after the listing of the Jingdo

once a year shopping Carnival "double eleven" is coming, many consumers are now constantly to the shopping cart add things, businesses are also preparing wildly beating gongs and drums inventory, marketing and customer service…… Ali after the listing of the Jingdong for the first time I have ten what new changes, the electricity supplier entrepreneurs how to prepare to play double eleven, harvest the ideal performance. After dark Q invited Wang Wengang, founder of textile excellent spread electricity supplier strategy analyst Li Chengdong Ali listed for everyone to answer the Jingdong, electricity supplier entrepreneurs how to play double eleven read more

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Tmall double 11 new tricks by interactive games with the customers into the store


] Tmall billion state power network annual double 11, almost all businesses acting competition, crowding out the act of foot, exhaust all the skills, only to be pulled into the store "stroll".

and similar to previous years, in addition to the half off low drainage strategy, Tmall also plans to use the new tricks of interactive games, to attract customers attention double 11 day, so as to enhance the platform to enhance the stickiness, shop transaction.

may be affected by WeChat’s "hit the plane" "red envelopes", Tmall intends to the activities of the entertainment factor to climax. Billion state power network noted that Tmall has started to store interactive "deployment, centralized recruiting PC and mobile terminal based on (Tmall wireless) third party application of two stores (or plug) service providers. read more

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Why Jingdong launched the JDPhone program

Two days before

, a Jingdong responsible person said micro-blog sign Jingdong to launch JDPhone, thought it was the beginning of the Jingdong to independent research and development of mobile phone, and later learned to joint Jingdong is the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers customized machine research and development, but the premise is to fully understand the needs of users in the condition. According to Jingdong’s development strategy should be to take the C2B model, the user needs to build a mobile phone resources within the precise size of the user to buy to achieve the purpose of occupying the mobile terminal. read more

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Wanda fly who set the target, five years after the master of China’s 60% – 70% of the consumer popul

Abstract: to fifast appearance as a symbol, Wanda has found Internet plus the feeling. Wanda in network financial domain, a total of five major sections: big data applications, credit services, credit networks, mobile payment and fly here. The core of the five plates, are actually pointing to fly here.

Wanda fly in the new year and a new action.

January 20th, fifast and Xinhua Department Store Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the 8 Xinhua Department Store Group’s new headquarters, CC mall, the old building shop shopping center will be fully stationed fifast open platform. And in the two days before the release, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin disclosed in the Hongkong forum for Asia financial Wanda financial network O2O strategy. read more

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Google began testing video AdSense program

Beijing on May 24th news, according to foreign media reports, Google has started testing AdSense video program on a small scale, advertising allows advertisers in some specific sites in the United States to participate in the AdSense program video segments.

Google began testing the video AdSense program on Wednesday, according to the plan, Google will share revenue with the site publishers. So far, Google has not yet disclosed more details of the video AdSense program. In this test, the customer will only appear on the publisher’s website, and not on the Google website or YouTube. The publisher can choose which video to add to the ad, track the effect of the ad, and determine the location of the ad shown in the video. The length of the ad is not more than 30 seconds, and the audience can choose to skip. read more

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92% SEO workers are so optimized moon cake buy Network

Xiaobian as a SEO workers, the seasonal products, not years of optimization. This project is a long story, precisely because friends began to let small operation from last year, but just try to hold a common heart, because it is not a boom in group purchase at the time, two is when the small series is just the pursuit of a website ranking, which is also called the most simple SEO. Here, Xiaobian want to remind you, if you are new to SEO, you can use the most simple method SEO to accumulate resources and experience, but if you do have SEO a year, two years or more, you should do is Jiangmen moon group purchase network for users experience rather than ranking. Like a junior salesman, the customer to sell their products, the most thought is the bottom line of the product price, the vision has been stuck in the price of the product, and finally into a dead end. But a senior sales manager, he will forget the product cost to the customer, after the purchase of our products from customers will get what benefits of personal field for customers to consider, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing, with a goal, but with the way of thinking of the different methods, thus the rate of return is also different. read more

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The history of the most shameless bad account of the advertising alliance Ali mother

I have always thought that Ali mother is a more honest advertising alliance, after all, is the name of Ali’s father, will not be blocked account. Previously in the forum and QQ group saw a friend complained that his account was closed, I thought it was their own site problems. But today, I found that I was wrong, Ali mother began to deteriorate, they will be free to close the user account, no matter how you explain it.

Because of the recent

ranking fell badly, looking for reasons, see online advertising will affect the mother said it included Baidu and website ranking, which is likely to be K, then combined with the actual situation of their site analysis, if there are so little reason to know before I site key word ranking is very high, the average there are also tens of thousands of IP days. read more

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