Mayor letters and visits to solve the heating problem

Spring Festival is approaching, in the festive atmosphere of the family are busy, but the city’s 7422 residents of a residential area, but because of the February 13th home heating was stopped and the sad face. February 15th, the mayor’s petition reception day, the mayor of the city of Wang Yubo in the city received a letter from the District Office of the 10 representatives of households, and held a meeting to solve the problem of heating residents heating. 6 o’clock that night, cold for the first time in the area of the last 2 days of the residents of the household heat up 7422.
away satisfied results after the mass petition, the petition cadres and Wang Yubo face-to-face exchange forum. He stressed that the petition is an important link between the party and the government to contact the masses. The work is not only the petition departments that leading cadres at all levels should attach great importance to the petition, to take the lead to implement the regular operational system, with responsibility, with feelings, and listen to their demands and suggestions, resolve conflicts and disputes, to maintain social stability. To implement the relevant requirements of the rule of law in Xining, according to the law to accept the masses to visit the masses; read more

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Build a happy life, Xining on the road

eighteen report with plenty of space to paint a picture of a beautiful China picture of happiness for the people; the twelve provincial Party Congress put forward to a new life for the people of all ethnic groups in Qinghai to live a happier struggle; the thirteen Party Congress also made clear to build Xining to make people satisfied with the life of the city, the city of happiness. Xining how to act?

summer into the earth, it is not difficult to find, the answer is everywhere: when the Xining economy embarked on the rapid development of the fast lane, she comes to the rise of the prosperity of the industry, trade, improve the life of the people; when the Xining open to all rivers run into sea minded merchants Zhi, she should be full of unique charm of industry should travel in livable; when Xining Huimin uphold the concept of priority, will focus on the eyes down down, she was greatly improved the life of the public smile in bloom…… read more

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I work hard to promote investment and financing two-way interaction

4 19 am, the provincial finance office held an investment fund and equity financing of the company will promote the province’s. This is the first time in our province to hold the investment fund and equity financing to promote the enterprise will be aimed at actively docking various types of investment funds, build interactive platform for the investment and financing of the two sides to lay a good foundation for in-depth cooperation. The meeting will be held, the better use of equity financing companies in our province, the capital market financing, play a positive demonstration effect and promote the role of. read more

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Can you give birth to a second child

After 80: easy to nurture a child born difficult"

80 Xiao Zhao and her husband have only one child, according to the policy, even if there is no "comprehensive two child family planning policy, they can also enjoy two separate child policy have two children. However, why so resolutely choose only one, Xiao Zhao has its own reasons. read more

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600 people planted yesterday, the city of happiness

To give the general public to actively participate in the construction of green Xining and create a harmonious ecological environment of the platform, April 9th, jointly organized by the West District of Xining city volunteers association, the Communist Youth League West District, West District Environmental Protection Bureau, West District Animal Husbandry Bureau of water and Sea city newspaper "City West happy forest planting activities and natural care volunteer service western city activities held in the provincial capital of the village hall. There are more than 600 people to participate in this event. read more

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The city district level leading cadres Wulian five package to serve the people

In order to give full play to the leading cadres at county level in the course of education activities in the demonstration effect, efforts to solve the vital interests of the masses are strongly, Chengzhong District in the course of education activities, focus on the masses hope, sorrow, hard, ANN, creatively proposes county Party members and leading cadres "Wulian five" activities that is, a county Party cadres linked to a party, a legislator, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, a retired veteran cadres, a grassroots, a street, a club, a village, a school, a non-public economic organizations or social organizations. This is the starting point, the county leading cadres in-depth workshop line, the fields around the house, the real and the masses twinning, friends, relatives, listen to the voice of the people, feel the sufferings of the people, sincere people grief, close ties between the party and the masses, a strong impetus to the City District Party’s mass line educational practice carry out. read more

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Small coupons can be called promotional tool

to do promotional work, many people will give some promotional products, however, whether the gift of promotional products by customers, whether for promotion to play a role, but became managers very troubled events. In fact, the annual sales of gold, I have taken to send gifts promotional activities. But I found that this is a failure of promotional activities. The reason, the original I offer the gift can be seen everywhere in life, the price is very transparent, there is no attraction for customers, they will not because these useless gifts loyal to the store. read more

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Since March, the province’s food and drug regulatory authorities to regulate food safety in the scho

spring opening soon, in order to further strengthen the supervision of the school canteen, improve the management level of school canteens, school canteens and promote the standardized management, to ensure the food safety of teachers and students, the provincial food and drug administration before deployment, requirements of the food and drug supervision departments at all levels from March to June to carry out the school canteen food safety special rectification work in the province.

the requirements of the food and drug supervision departments at all levels to deepen the school canteen food safety regulation, to further enhance the school canteen food safety awareness, improve the food safety management system, the implementation of food safety management responsibility, standardized processing behavior, prevention of food poisoning incidents, the food security level of school canteen has been significantly improved. The Council stressed that the food and drug supervision departments at all levels in accordance with the principle of territorial management, careful deployment of the spring semester before the school canteen food safety special inspection work, carry out education and training, supervise the school should assume the first responsibility of catering services, find the weak links, to take timely and effective measures to plug loopholes in management, strengthen the focus on variety test. According to the implementation of food safety supervision and quantitative classification management requirements, accelerate the school canteen food safety supervision and quantitative classification management, and actively guide the school develop contingency plans for food safety accidents, improve the level of prevention and control and coping ability, establish and improve the school canteen food safety supervision of credit archives, under the leadership of local government, the establishment of work responsibilities consistent mechanism, in conjunction with the education department to implement rural justice Student nutrition improvement program. read more

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The source of the Yellow River Lake Lake show

4 month 15 days, the reporter went to interview from afar Maduo station, at an altitude of 4326 meters Lingqiao Daye horse, blue sky, white clouds, snow capped mountains, lakes and grassland in the source of the Yellow River "1000 lake all blend into one harmonious whole, shocking beauty".

is known as "1000 lake county" Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Madoi county is located in Sanjiang National Natural Protection Zone source heartland, the Chinese nation is the mother river – the birthplace of the Yellow River, is an important ecological barrier in Tibetan plateau. The source of the Sanjiang National Park in the Yellow River park is located in Maduo County in the source, the park area to the total area of Maduo County 78.01%. In recent years, Maduo County Government conscientiously implement the general secretary Xi Jinping on the protection of the ecological environment and a series of important expositions, has always been the source of the Yellow River ecological and environmental protection in a prominent position, increasing the ecological environment protection and construction, lakes number increased from 4077 to 5050, the largest sister Lake – water area Zhaling lake and Eling Lake increased 192 square kilometers; the wetland area of 4276 square kilometers from 2005 up to now 6111 square kilometers, accounting for more than 20% of the total area of the county. read more

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Xining fine planning road network to clear the road traffic capillary

this year, Xining intends to prepare the "Xining comprehensive transport planning," "Xining city pedestrian and bicycle transportation system planning" and other plans to better meet the needs of urban development and public travel.

this year, Xining city will make comprehensive use of traffic simulation system, comprehensive analysis and research carried out on the municipal road construction, traffic channel planning, pedestrian crossing facilities, bus route optimization, bus rapid transit bus stations, road building, isolation facilities, static traffic facilities, city traffic management, tap the existing city road traffic facilities potential, from the micro provide technical support for solving the city traffic problem specific. To prepare the relevant planning will also be under the Xining city present situation, combined with the city transformation open duantoulu and other measures to improve the utilization rate of the branch network of microcirculation, improve the city road network structure, improve the layout of the road structure, clear the city road traffic capillaries, increase branch to improve road network density, diversion and trunk road traffic pressure by branch net, the main and secondary roads to ease traffic congestion, traffic diversion trunk road. read more

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Xining city double support work to achieve ten 100%

In June 1st, reporters from the municipal double support office learned that the city of Xining support work in the military twinning coverage rate, rate of placement of demobilized cadres, science and technology to support the military penetration rate ten aspects have achieved one hundred percent compliance.

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Xining taxi industry reform please comment

The taxi is part of the city comprehensive transportation system, but the taxi in solving travel at the same time, there are some problems in this regard, the Ministry of transport on the drafting of the formation of the healthy development of the taxi industry draft. October 20th, the Xining Municipal Transportation Bureau held a forum to invite representatives of the city’s industry on the actual draft for their own suggestions and opinions.

it is reported that, according to the decision of the deployment of comprehensive deepening of reform of the State Council, the Ministry of transport in conjunction with the relevant departments to deepen the reform of the taxi industry conducted in-depth investigation and research, listen to opinions, repeatedly discuss changes, the drafting of the formation of "guiding opinions on deepening reform and further promote the healthy development of the taxi (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance"). At the forum, representatives from the city on behalf of taxi dealers, taxi drivers, representatives of the public, industry representatives, respectively, around the six aspects of their views and suggestions. Taxi drivers on behalf of the deployment of the taxi and the network to make an appointment for a taxi life has been questioned, the City Transportation Bureau staff explained it, taxi drivers on behalf of recognition. City traffic security branch on behalf of the guidance of the drug is not sure to drive their own views, that should be included in this one, the article has also been unanimously endorsed by the delegates. read more

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Huangzhong county civil service win win

Since this year, Huangzhong county civil affairs departments to intensify the management of reconstruction funds subsidies, rural subsistence allowances, disabled relief and other relief funds, continue to do fine do fine reconstruction, urban and rural, and the difficulties of the masses, do rescue severe disabilities security work at the same time, the subsidies will be taken "payment card" or "ninety percent off through thorough investigation form, and eliminate the phenomenon of law and discipline, to create sunshine District, win the people cheers. read more

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Greening the city’s key construction work arrangements

In order to ensure the urban greening construction in 2012 on the smooth implementation of the project, in early hands-on, early preparation, early arrangements, early implementation of the principle of City Gardens Bureau hosted a special meeting on the work of urban greening, urban greening and key construction projects carried out the arrangements

in 2012 in order to ensure the smooth implementation of construction projects focus on urban greening, the spirit of early hands-on, early preparation, early arrangements, early implementation of the principle of City Gardens Bureau hosted a special meeting on the work of urban greening, urban greening and key construction projects carried out the arrangements. read more

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Green Fair will be held in Sanjiang, the source of national park construction science and technology

6 19, 2011, held in Sanjiang, the National Association of science and Technology Park, the national science and Technology Park, the construction of science and technology experts to support the Advisory committee. The provincial Party committee, the provincial comprehensive deepening of reform leading group office director Ma Shunqing, academician of the Academy of engineering, Chinese Chinese Engineering Institute Vice President Xu Delong delivered speeches respectively; from Chinese Academy of engineering, Academy of Sciences Chinese well-known academicians and experts give advice and suggestions, provide a theoretical basis for the benefit by mutual discussion, and Qinghai to explore the source of Sanjiang to promote the pilot national park system technical support and intellectual protection. read more

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City Seismological Bureau and the small Bridge Street Office jointly launched earthquake emergency d

September 20th morning, the Municipal Seismological Bureau in conjunction with the small bridge street office to carry out earthquake emergency desktop exercise activities. Provincial and Municipal Seismological Bureau, the relevant leaders to observe the exercise, the small bridge subdistrict office area 10 village, community and offices of the departments of a total of more than 30 people participated in the exercise.
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Embarrassing things may wish to use humor to ease

daily life are likely to continue to encounter embarrassing things, not to mention doing business, embarrassing thing is more common. However, if there is such an embarrassing thing to do? If not resolved, I am afraid it will have an impact on the operation of the business. Here, Xiao Bian to introduce a skill for everyone, this is to use humor to solve.

boss, does this sunscreen work?"

, of course!"


"you see my face every day, delivery of the wind and rain tree, not black? Besides, you’re such a beautiful woman!" read more

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