Fitness, so that better life for the disabled – the second week of the disabled fitness activities

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Operations for the twenty-fifth plenary meeting of the provincial government held

11 10, the provincial government held the twenty-fifth plenary meeting operations. The meeting conveyed to learn the fifth national disabled work conference, passed the "13th Five-Year" Qinghai province to speed up the disabled well-off process planning "(Draft) and the recognition of the province’s advanced units and advanced personal suggestions for work list. Vice governor, provincial operations director Kuang Yong attended the meeting.

Kuang Yong pointed out that the fifth national disabled work conference at the national level, defined the objectives and priorities for work during the period of 13th Five-Year ". The province at all levels of operations and helping organizations to study and implement the spirit of the meeting, and constantly improve the institutional mechanism of the development of the disabled, to further improve the basic system to protect the interests of persons with disabilities, to stimulate social vitality to provide support for the disabled, accelerate the disabled well-off process. read more

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Many initiatives to promote the province’s lightning protection and disaster reduction system reform

this year, our province according to the State Council and Chinese Meteorological Bureau requirements on lightning protection and disaster reduction system reform to tackle tough, take various measures of lightning protection and disaster reduction system reform has made remarkable achievements, enhance the service level of lightning protection and disaster reduction.

it is understood that the Provincial Meteorological Bureau and the Provincial Department of housing and urban construction jointly issued a notice to implement the optimization of construction project of lightning protection licensing decision, the State Council decided since the date of issuance of the housing construction and municipal infrastructure engineering lightning protection device design review, completion and acceptance of the whole license transferred to the Ministry of construction, the mine safety supervision responsibility. Held the province’s Meteorological Department of lightning protection and disaster reduction system reform policy training courses and seminars for municipalities (state), county meteorological bureau and management backbone of lightning protection reform training, major tasks and measures focused on the lightning protection reform. The lightning protection service administrative approval intermediary to conduct a comprehensive clean-up standards, lightning protection administrative approval into the administrative service center of the local government centralized management, completed the provincial and municipal (state), the county three lightning licensing matters list of powers and responsibilities, and formally announced on a local government website. The random lightning protection management content, methods, main tasks and work requirements, to carry out joint enforcement and local safety supervision departments, supervise flammable and explosive and other key lightning protection units and places the implementation of lightning protection measures for safe production, maintenance of mine safety production order in accordance with the law. read more

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Northwest police cooperation area summer training inspection team came to the special police detachm

Recently, the northwest district police cooperation "summer training" inspection team line of 8 people in the public security bureau deputy director of the Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau Li led to state police detachment, deputy director of the PUC Party committee, Wang Qigong and the special police detachment accompanied by the principal leaders to inspect and guide the work

recently, the northwest district police cooperation "summer training" inspection team line of 8 people in Shaanxi Province Public Security Bureau deputy director of Public Security Bureau under the leadership of Li Zongshe to visit the police detachment, deputy director of the PUC Party committee, Wang Qigong and the special police detachment accompanied by the principal leaders to inspect and guide the work. read more

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Chase 500 people went to the West Coast picking wolfberry

With Haixizhou picking wolfberry season arrival, as of August 4th, more than 500 workers in Datong County, township, township roots bliss Birch Forest Township, Castle Township, north new Township township has 5 labor brokers organization personnel to go to the sea Masino Mu Hong farm picking wolfberry.It is reported that this year

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Technology + Innovation = industrial efficiency of each park will build a cradle of science and tech

this year, Xining (National) economic and Technological Development Zone will adhere to grasp the investment growth and enhance the capability of independent innovation and the promotion enterprise independent innovation ability to achieve new breakthroughs, each year, the park will support the new enterprise engineering technology research center or enterprise technology center more than 3.

last year, the development zone to actively support enterprises to carry out technical innovation and research and development, has achieved a new breakthrough in lithium iron phosphate cathode materials, aluminum alloy, biological enzyme, drug development and other products R & D. Park of Tibetan medicine and Cordyceps cultivation, plateau Seabuckthorn development in 3 countries and local joint engineering laboratory construction, Photovoltaic Testing Center, waste heat utilization construction research center of CAS, salt chemical industry test base of national and provincial R & D center smoothly. Jinke Tibet, Mount Everest Cordyceps, three magnesium and other 14 enterprises in Xining city was named the first batch of science and technology innovation demonstration base. Dongchuan Industrial Park was awarded the national Ministry of industry and new materials industry demonstration base title. Qinghai Health Science Park was named the second batch of national Ministry of industry, National SME public service demonstration platform". Park enterprises to declare the patent technology 100, with a total of patented technology of 313, the company’s product research and development capabilities to further enhance. read more

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Xining municipal government executive meeting to promote the growth of investment adjustment structu

February 26th afternoon, mayor Wang Yubo chaired the municipal government executive meeting to consider "sixteenth, to further improve the investment system and operation mechanism of the opinions (Draft)" and "Xining forest city construction planning (2012-2020)".

further investment work, Wang Yubo stressed that one should firmly establish to promote investment growth, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood concept. The county departments should take investment as an important global development work, ideas, goals, tasks, determination, year after year more effort to achieve greater breakthroughs, not only to have a breakthrough in quantity, but also in working ideas, working methods and work the characteristics of breakthrough. Two in accordance with the specific, practical, effective requirements continue to improve the institutional mechanisms of investment. Investment is the core of the service. Both must work to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the county departments, everyone involved in the investment, but also to take the initiative to in-depth and meticulous services, do in the information service, the service in the fully symmetric policy based on clear and penetrating, work fine, solid work in active service in place. Three to effectively clarify the responsibilities and tasks of investment, the beginning of the year to build goals, strong supervision in the year, the end of the hard assessment. Four to emancipate the mind, innovation and practice, from the aspects of consciousness, mechanism, responsibility, etc.. read more

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Xining to take measures to fight pollution protracted war

  in recent years, our city greening a year to a new level, the green coverage rate has been ranked in the forefront of the national capital city. According to the overall planning of Xining City, 2015 will strive to basically reach the national standard of forest city construction, build a "city in the forest floor in the tree, in the green, forest and water dependent, Lin Lu embedded" forest city development pattern. Li Xiaogang photo on the morning of October 6th, Datong County, Datong County, the leaders and the comprehensive management of air pollution control inspection team members, in-depth inspection of key areas of air pollution control work progress. It is understood that on the morning of 6, the comprehensive management of air pollution in Datong County inspection team first came to the bridge in the town of dark road demolition site, demolition site not wet work, no construction site Weidang inspection team immediately ordered to take corrective measures. In 28 kilometers of key areas of governance, Dawn Road cleaning, watering, repair, masonry, side ditch drainage ditch desilting work has been implemented, the inspection group for Yinqiao Hotel and dawn area at the entrance of the broken wall repair, garbage clean-up, sidewalk sclerosis and other governance put forward specific requirements for rectification. It is reported that the Datong County air pollution control inspection team in the future to 28 kilometers of comprehensive pollution control from the door of Qinghai Yihua Chemical Co. Ltd. extends to Mao Jia Zhai Cun, to comprehensive management of the road along the route, extending outside the shop and banned Jeeves, good health road cleaning. Qinghai Yihua Chemical Co. plant in surrounding areas is a leading concern, the government could, worry about regional enterprises, in order to ensure the county air pollution control work is effective, bridge in the town, Hill Township and Qinghai Yihua chemical industry limited company will strictly implement the higher leadership requirements, take the necessary control measures of Qinghai Yihua Chemical Co. calcium carbide slag field, and under the stone bridge in the town of Feng Shan Xiang He Jia Zhai Cun, small product, will completely withdraw from the operation and management of carbide slag field, taken over by Qinghai Yihua Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., responsible for the completion of the carbide slag slag, fill the remaining field coverage before the end of the year, contact the carbide slag using unit actively shipped carbideslag. It is understood that Qinghai Yihua Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. triangle area around the door wall and drainage ditch under construction process, and the area of governance needs to be further improved, the county housing construction bureau is responsible for the construction of the 2 meter wide sidewalk, hardened brick laying; County Forestry Bureau is responsible for planting sidewalk greenbelt; County Department of transportation to removal of construction waste; County Environmental Protection Bureau to complete the construction of the wall, and to whitewash the wall; the county bureau is responsible for cleaning up the road pavement door advertising. (author: Wang Chengying)     read more

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The three phase of the north and South Mountain green green acres of the project 42 thousand and 800

green, a large scale flows from the north and south of the Xining mountain county three two! With the north and south mountain three green project start and comprehensive construction, Huangzhong County town of dopa yanergou Nanshan, Huangyuan Chengguan Town, Datong County Dongshan Dong Jia Zhuang Cun Dong Xia Xiang Nan Tan cun…… One every once low forest cover areas have been or are covered with green, the reporter learned from the Municipal Forestry Bureau, the first half of this year, the city has completed three north-south mountain afforestation task 42 thousand and 800 acres, for the objectives and tasks of this year 95.5%.
20 years of efforts to persevere, let us in the north and south of the Xining mountains created a miracle, the former barren hills were covered with green, soil erosion has been curbed, doubling the number of wild animal, people live in harmony with the natural plateau city, Xining to promote the coordinated development of social economy, played a significant ecological, economic and social benefit. After the one or two phase of the project in April this year, the three north-south mountain greening project officially started, plans to implement three north-south mountain afforestation task 44 thousand and 800 acres this year, the artificial irrigation afforestation 31 thousand and 400 acres, fenced 13 thousand and 400 acres, a total investment of 200 million. At present, the county has completed irrigation afforestation task 31 thousand and 100 acres, 11 thousand and 700 acres of afforestation, as the target of 95.5%, a total of more than 348 trees planted all kinds of trees, built a simple mountain road 51.4 kilometers, laying temporary water pipe network 7.6 kilometers, completed an investment of 105 million yuan. Three green project
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The national forestry station at the end of the investigation work seminar classes in Xining

7 29 July, the national forestry station at the end of the investigation work seminar classes in Xining. The seminar aimed at the national forestry station at the bottom of the investigation work arrangements, and to discuss the relevant work. 30 provinces (autonomous regions) nearly 70 comrades participated in the study.

China’s township forestry station in the early days in the country began to build, but over the years China has not carried out the basic situation of Forestry Station comprehensive survey system, constraints give full play to the functions of the forestry station. In order to strengthen the management of forestry station, decided from 2008 onwards, the use of three years to complete the national forestry station survey. read more

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Xining Federation of trade unions skills training to promote the fast lane

Since the

Xining City Federation of trade unions to formulate and implement the "Five Year Plan" of Xining city staff quality engineering, in order to improve the ideological and moral qualities and scientific and cultural qualities and technical skills as the focus, to establish and improve the skills training, technical competition, technological innovation, technological achievements exhibition and promotion as the main content of the system to enhance the skills of workers. To promote the quality of workers and staff members of engineering to institutionalization and normalization, effectively promote the development of enterprises on the fast track. read more

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The new train station in Xining charm previews

October 29th, late autumn night in Xining, the temperature has reached zero degrees celsius. Xining Railway Station construction site is still lit, engineering car shuttle kept at the site, the workers are still busy sweating.

According to

director of construction of China Railway Construction Engineering Group of Xining Railway Station office Chang Feng introduction, as of the end of October, the line side of the main station building project completed, the roof structure is completed, the implementation of indoor decoration, the overall project has been completed 75%; high speed field of elevated station building completed the main structure, the roof structure has been completed, is in the room the decoration stage, the overall project has been completed 70%; elevated station building and canopy, underground tunnels have started construction, building 68 pile foundation construction has been completed, has now entered the main building engineering construction stage. read more

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Soya bean milk bottle in the barrel of industrial and commercial staff to check the processing point

 , "when I first came into the house, I saw the operator put the dirty bucket on the ground and put it in the jar of milk!" Xining city industry and Commerce Bureau West Branch, said Ma Hongjun, director of the office of industry and commerce. In November 3rd, industrial and commercial in pengjiavillage seized two soybean processing, are suspected of operating without a license.

at noon on November 3rd, in pengjiavillage business law enforcement officers dispatched to check the area of food business households, respectively, in Liu Jia Zhai Cun 525, a rental yard, antelope road five team Jiashuyuan after the wall of a rental office seized two bean products processing. The reporter saw in the rental, the door in the right and left sides have a pair of iron, above have produced good tofu, bean curd, tofu basket mounted directly on the ground, there are chunks of black marks out of the basket, the ground is full of white water. Ma Hongjun said that when they check, just to see the operator into the dirty bucket into the installation of soybean milk to rinse. And these two processing points can not provide valid business license, health permit and health certificate, has been on the two processing sites for investigation. read more

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Small Yang Shengjian foreign investment to join you

we all know whenever a successful catering company group has a worth studying business philosophy, regardless of the size of the business, regardless of market wide business, as long as you adhere to the faith, you are more likely to be successful. Yang Shengjian’s dream is to let Yang Shengjian become a: let our parents, wife, husband, children, relatives and friends feel the glory for the brand in the catering industry, Chinese respected team, the small Yang Shengjian arrives in Japan and Hongkong, Southeast Asia, the United States and europe…… Let the Chinese where there is little Yang Shengjian, create a set of family, family, education, training, glory in one of the school fried. Yang Shengjian has a small he has not to adhere to the belief that we have innate values and corporate culture: kindness, humility, simplicity, honesty, gratitude; brand positioning Yang Shengjian is to become the Chinese fast food and public characteristics; product positioning is always for the characteristics of Chinese fried snack. read more

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What are the procedures of the golden claw claw pot

now, with the continuous improvement of our living standards, we are healthy and delicious food, is always very popular. How about the golden claw? Delicious, loved by consumers. Gold claw dry pot to join the project, is our successful entrepreneurial choice!

gold claw claw pot to join what process?

1, the intention to join the business to the golden claw dry pot shop for products, brands and other aspects of a comprehensive investigation.

Submission of application form for

2 and interested customers. read more

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Liquid wallpaper

the development of China’s construction industry, and promote the development of all derivatives industry, home decoration industry is one of the. As in recent years, the rise of the wallpaper industry, since the advent of people’s praise and hot pursuit, become the most potential business opportunities.

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